Our Teacher

Maliessa Nabilah Binti Mazelan

Revolutionary Strategist

Maliessa Nabilah binti Mazelan is a program manager, educator, researcher, and intern at Be STEM Ready Sdn. Bhd. She graduated in Bachelor of Engineering (Materials) from the Islamic University International Malaysia (IIUM) and will obtain a master’s degree in Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) from Universiti Malaysia Pahang in research mode.

She used to work as a Temporary Teacher at International Islamic School Kuantan, where she providing stimulating virtual learning initiatives for everyday activities, providing assignments for students, and prepare annual lesson plans with good conceptual ideas. She too providing tutoring services to train oneself and highlight one’s interest in the field of education.

Throughout her career at Be STEM Ready Sdn. Bhd., she has learned a lot of knowledge and new skills such as entrepreneurship, biotechnology and 3-dimensional design fuelled her interest in STEM fields. She is also a certified STEM Trainer/Facilitator at the level international that aspires to educate young people and adults, especially women, to explore the field of STEM education, especially engineering. As an educator and researcher who has Deeply interested in the STEM field, she always strives to improve his knowledge and skills in this field, further placing him on a different level with other STEM instructors.