Our Teacher

Fatasya Izreen Hanim binti Alias

R&D Executive (Physics)

Fatasya Izreen Hanim binti Alias is a researcher in the field of Physics and an educator at Be STEM Ready Sdn. Bhd. Her knowledge and skills in research made him eager to venture into the field of research and development. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, where she was funded by the Public Service Department. She went on to obtain a Master of Science (Applied Physics) from MARA University of Technology.

She is highly skilled in the synthesis of semiconductor and glass materials and has extensive knowledge in handling and using various computer tools and software. Her last previous position was as a tutor at MyTutor Sdn. Bhd., where she is responsible for conducting classes for individuals or groups of students to improve their academic performance. She also has the experience of being a speaker in the SPM Program Acceleration Program for two consecutive years at a tutor company called SifuTutor to convey his experience and knowledge in the field of pure Physics to SPM students. While she was in matriculation, she was appointed as a mentor in the mentor-mentee program held by the Johor Matriculation College to help weak students in the subjects of Mathematics and Physics.

She also does industrial training in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and has worked with clients from various ‘Multinational Corporation’ (MNC) such as Proton. With her experience and expertise, she is determined to create opportunities and attraction to empower STEM education, for the future of the country and society. At Be STEM Ready, she was exposed to real STEM teaching and learning methods, different from what she knew before. She believes that, with the advantages she gained at Be STEM Ready, she has differentiate herself as an international STEM Trainer.