Our Teacher

Ahmad Danish Bin Azman

R&D Executive (Mechanical)

Ahmad Danish bin Azman is a mechanical program planner and educator at Be STEM Ready Sdn Bhd. After completing the engineering program at Kelantan Matriculation College in 2018, he completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Technology MARA at the end of 2022.

He began to gain work experience during the Practical Training in several sectors including the engineering department workshop, transport site and management office in the Public Works Department of the Mechanical Engineering Branch. In addition, he participated in the Industrial Engineering Certification and successfully completed the Digital Engineering Prototyping Program in the Malaysian automotive and robotics industry. Based on his deep interest in technology, he has also participated in the “Embedded Programming” training program by Shibaura Institute of Technology Japan.

He has also been involved in the University Community Engagement (UCE) program organized by the Financial Management Association of which he is a member. Apart from holding the position of secretary of the organization, he has also been responsible as a program lawyer and facilitator. Interested in the field of training, he is always looking for opportunities to improve his skills and experience to improve his professionalism in the field.

With Danish’s professional skills and experience, he is focused and determined to continue developing his robotics engineering research to support the nation’s ambitions. As a STEM instructor at Be STEM REady, he was prepared with a more detailed understanding of STEM. Combining the STEM mindset that has been applied, he believes that with his experience and skills, he can raise the standard in STEM education and benefit STEM educators.