Our Teacher

Camila Lau Lih Yan

Founder of Be STEM Ready Sdn Bhd

Camila (previously known as Abi) is the founder of Be STEM Ready Sdn Bhd. She grew up as a child STEM despite no exposure to structured STEM education being offered at the time. Since she comes from a family of educators, she himself taught tuition when he was aged 12 years. With the support of his mother, involvement in education from the beginning grew into a foundation her interest in education at this point. Her STEM mind was nurtured at an early age by exploration which is extensive in computer programming, digital circuits, cake baking, sewing, board games, first aid, life skills and so on.

She is qualified in Charted Global Management Accounting (CGMA) and has a career as Management Accountant in a multinational company (MNC) for more than 20 years. She never stopped for pursuit of knowledge even after she obtained a Certified Metaverse Expert, Certified IoT Expert, Trainer Certified STEM Masters, Digital Circuits and Basic Computer Hardware, ‘Engineering is Elementary’, Train the Trainer (certificate to be obtained in February 2023) and others, because she believes that learning is lifelong process.

Camila has been appointed as a jury for Techlympics 2022 and is actively involved in the National STEM Movement as well always support Mranti STEM activities. She is eager to contribute to development education in the homeland. As a STEM child, the ability to adapt comes naturally to her. Life STEM has not only helped in Camila’s career, but it has also presented solutions to critical time, prompting him in various perspectives to lead a creative method to overcome challenge.

Year 2019-2021 – Camila was appointed as an advisor to CJ Century Logistics Bhd to solve problems when the public company experiences challenges in the delay of stock taking and delivery, excess stock in the warehouse, lack of resources, problems in gig workers and so on when the MCO is implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Year 2017-2019 – Camila has set the vision, mission and business strategy direction for Biotech Precision Berhad. She has led the development of the company’s business plan, short-term strategy planning and length as well as the annual budget and set guidelines and KPIs for this company including involving themselves in developing a stem cell laboratory at TPM.

Year 2013-2017 – Camila successfully launched “Total Endpoint Solution” for millions of computer software in throughout Malaysia as planned in a company known as Wordtech Solutions Sdn Bhd for Financial and government institutions involved include KDN, PDRM, JPJ, JIM, JPN, MAMPU, JPN, LHDN, AGC, MPOB, KKWP, MOF, KPP, BSN and so on during and after the heart problem of the founder of this company. “Total Endpoint Solution” includes networks, databases, computer software and primarily IT security systems.

Due to her role and responsibility, she now continues to train and shape her personality individuals under her auspices. She believes that educating and training is the purpose of her life.