Our Teacher

Nur Azidah Aishah binti Mior Hasafi

R&D Executive (Electronics)

Nur Azidah Aishah binti Mior Hasafi is an electrical and electronics program planner and educator at Be STEM Ready Sdn. Bhd. She continued her studies in the Electrical Engineering Diploma program after finishing school, and subsequently obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering at University of Technology MARA based on his deep interest in the field. She is a consistent person where she has obtained excellent results for each semester. More proudly, she has received the Vice Chancellor’s Award during the diploma and degree programs.

After graduation, Azidah started her career as a liaison between the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the log industry in Malaysia. She has also served in the semiconductor sector, where she has been involved in the semiconductor design process. Azidah has also been involved in providing teaching staff for Arduino skills workshops and Calculus subjects for university students and has successfully helped the participants build confidence in making Arduino projects and also excel in the Calculus subject. Azidah believes that the use of electrical and electronics is not limited to professionals, rather it is a science that should be available and can be used in everyone’s daily life, regardless of their work background.

She is currently a creative and innovative problem solver for the electronics sector at Be Stem Ready. At Be STEM Ready, she is trained to be a STEM teacher and trainer with a STEM mindset. Recognized as an international STEM Trainer, she hopes to share his experience in the field of technology and electrical and electronic engineering and impact the development of STEM minds by combining a combination of logic and creativity to STEM educators and students.