Shi Wei is dyslexic and against all odds, he passed his IGCSE O level with flying colours with 4A’s and 1C while he was age 16. An even more astounding fact is that his preparation time was only 2 months, sitting for the exam 3 years earlier compared to his conventional standards.

“Not many would believe me when I told them my plan. Teachers requested my mum not lie to me when I decided to drop off school to pursue my plan for the IGCSE exam  (for year 11) coming 2-months time while I just entered in year 9. Being STEM educated, I do not want to give up while striving to outshine and prove myself.  With my mother’s support, I experienced the profound impacts that had taken effect on both by learning capabilities as well as personal life.

Thanks to STEM education, I managed to find my own path. I learnt to never give up despite the struggles the STEM mindset which has given me the confidence of a great asset that will carry me throughout this drought, that I was able to tell myself I was going to see it through, not just for me but everyone around me. I hope my story inspires kids who struggle and for their mum and dad. Don’t frame by how the society perceived us, we are the exceptional few with extraordinary thinking and creativity. Be fearless and take chances!”

Tan Shi Min (precollege)

Hi my name is Tan Shi Min. I’m a student of the centre since the very first day. I have been here for 8 years until I went to college studies.

First off, I would like to start with the achievements and goals this centre has helped me realise. Elaboration would be that the centre has helped me experience a variety of ways to improve my foundation. Things such as motor skills, basic electronic knowledge and hand mind coordination. In my opinion, these skills are absolutely necessary as it eventually opens up the path to many types of career paths in the future.

Additionally, during my time in LIFE READY KIDZ at The Little MakersTM, I’ve experienced the hardships of innovation and the satisfaction of achieving my projects as it finally comes to life. It is through these memorable times that has led to believe in a positive mindset teaching me how to think when I feel like giving up and to view the world in an optimistic manner as one is not able to achieve greater things without the purest of intentions and the strongest of will.

All in all, the centre has shown me that in life, not everything is a dead end and every challenge posed has a lesson to be learnt behind it. It has been an eye-opening memorable path for me. I hope to see its success and guide more children toward their future endeavours ever onwards.

Ethan Cheng (primary)

Hi guys, I am Ethan Cheng at 12 years old. I still remember the very first time I joined the centre, I made my first praying mantis (my very first STEAM project). It was built with circuit and motors so that it can vibrate to move. It was completed step by step with the guidance from the teachers.

At class I am very curious to learn more about Chemistry (it seems magical to me) and mathematical models which makes me want to know more, I like to learn the “secrets behind it” or you can say what make it tick. I love going deeper on the understanding, I will be happy to know all about them.

The support and handholds given to me and my brother encourage us to make our own robots, DIY toys and head start on STEAM learning. Me and my brother have a good time learning at the centre, I hope many children would join us too, see yea!

Lyan Fung (secondary)

Hello there, I am Wong Lyan Fung. I have been here for 7 years, I really love the teaching methods here because they know how to make science looks and sound fun. They even teach you how to recycle and reuse past projects and materials. Personally, I like to code and make things instead of teaching everything at once, they teach the concept. I recommend most children to come here because it’s a fun experience. If you have any problems you can also feel free to ask the teachers here for help. I am quite good at coding as at 14 years old, a few of my best project are a Discord Bot and a Minecraft Plugin. And I really improved my science after I came here. This place is good for creative minds!!!

Justin (secondary)

Hi guys, I am Yeap Soon Ting (Justin). I have been a student for The Little Makers for over 8 years. I enjoy this programme as it is very interesting. It uses many ways to encourage STEM into children. The teachers are very nice and friendly. They even helped me complete a school project! They help you build many cool stuffs. They even teach coding, robotics and experiments to you. One of my favorite experiments is the acid and alkaline experiment. Thus, I recommend this centre a try.

Zunayra (secondary)

Hi, I like it here because I can design a lot of stuffs and try new things. I still have trouble making friends sometimes, not quite talkative. I’ve improved a lot on STEM/STEAM here and I’m proud of it. When I do not truly understand something, I will try to figure out myself. This place is very fun 🙂

Howie (primary)

Hi, I am Howie, I like to come here because I like to make stuff and make friends. I also get to learn new things. I get to make robots and machines. Oh, I just love coming to my class.