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The Little MakersTM STEM School

Our The Little MakersTM is a STEM school that ignites children’s interests in discovery.
We are connecting their “SPACE” which is [S]elf-discovery, [P]ath discovery,[A]dventure discovery, [C]hange discovery, [E]volution discovery. By proving children with the facilities to nurture them in this environment, we will certainly be amazed by future of our generations.

Our Discovery SPACE is focusing on 5 prime elements

 Discovery Space

 Self Discovery

Ideate Space
Path Discovery

 Creativity Space
 Adventure Discovery

 AI Space
 Change Discovery

Makers Space
Evolution Discovery
Wood Making
Bring Home MakerbotzTM
3D Printing
AI & Robotics
Makers & Innovations
Science Lab
Creative Science Experiments
Plane & Drone
and Biology
Life science & Biotechnology
Bring Home MakerbotzTM
AI Robotics
AI & Robotics
Food Science
Makers & Innovations
Active Lifestyle
Creative Science Experiments
and Biology
Design & Development
Life science & Biotechnology

We embrace the STEAM state of mind

Children can only learn to think, design and solve problems when they are given an opportunity to practice. “Yes?!”

This will also mean that the children will struggle, they will face dead ends, they might even get the wrong answers. “Okay?!”

We often view these outcomes as failures, but with The STEAM State of Mind, children would learn to think differently, more creatively and to approach problems in many new ways.

All these essential trial and error, research and reflection, and genuine interest and curiosity in the problems are important lessons in making progress, continuing to seek better potential solutions.

Our STEM School shall give children the RIGHT State of Mind, to give them courage to spread and fly.


Our STEM School is a discovery learning space, structured with different topics each week. Our lessons go broader and deeper onto the concepts around the theme.

The monthly themes are planned to spark the discovery learnings of our cross-disciplinary curriculum.  It helps to strengthen the learning connects to the dot, engage and apply their skills and knowledge to the real world.

We run engineering Discovery.

Introducing engineering to children at our STEM School at an early stage develops problem solving and design thinking skills. They will be trained to think like engineers which shall increase their self-confidence in STEAM learning pathway along their discovery of life.

Our The Little MakersTM programmes are built to equip our future generation with the skills on how to use the technology, giving our children one of the essential skills for life.

Our Monthly Planner

Speaking of CHEMISTRY

STEM is to integrate knowledge and connect the application to real world and discovering new knowledge. At our STEM School, children will learn to:

  • prepare their own essential shower gel, shampoo and hand washing soap, in the process learn how to avoid dangerous chemicals, etc.
  • practice table manners, where good character is reinforced.
  • enhance their imagination on the extent of the chemical world.



Creativity is in everyone and it is part of our personality. In our bottomless creativity projects, STEM School unfolds the creativity of all children.

  • Projects are designed and made with 3D Printer, 3D pen, needle and button work, paper craft, wood craft, clay to master different functional skills to cultivate their creativity.
  • Our uniqueness stems from kids expose and access to varieties that will allow them to choose and find their own talent in the way they decide to construct their ideals.
  • Incremental development of creation skills shall develop children to be intuitive in thinking and coming up with innovative and creative ideas get ahead and stay ahead.



In every STEM School session, children’s motor skills are emphasized.

  • They also exposed to soldering skill, robotics, coding and hands on basic electronics and electrical etc. That said, with all these skills that our children will learn through attending our center, the skills are complementing each other and in turn bring out the best in our kids.
  • Our teaching brings out a cohesive combination of motor skills, basic electronics & electrical (E&E) knowledge and hands-on experience.
  • Our “Bring Home Makerbotz” outshine and stand out from others in the market.


Our children also provided for strategic games and many other educational games or activities etc before and after class to expose them for life readiness on variety of analytical thinking process.  Our STEM School will not only have fun, make friends, but also bring home with an energetic healthy mind and positive attitude.
















The Little MakersTM
enrolment now open!

The Little MakersTM Classes Details

Lessons Schedule

Tuesday/ Saturday/ Sunday

2.30 pm – 4.30pm

Program Venue:

Be STEM Ready Sdn Bhd

1-1 Jalan USJ10/1D, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

19-1 & 19-2 Jalan USJ10/1G, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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For The Little MakersTM Program enrolment, please fill up this application form. Further information or enquiry, please whatsapp us at 012-409 1553