What Our Parents Say?

Listening to what parents say is our way of keep doing better for the children.

Tan Shi Wei

I’m 16 years old, a person with disabilities who have found my own path and along with the help of others, have outshined beyond anyone’s expectations. Being exposed to STEM at a young age, thanks to my mom, I experienced the profound effect it has on my learning journey and personal life throughout these years. Despite some learning struggles, never a second had I doubt on my capability to create, produce, making solutions and solving problems and challenges. Rather, I’m the confident kid who showed up, often to guide my peers who needed help.

Taking IGCSE O level (Year 11) in 2 months despite I’ve just entered into Year 9 for only 3 months.

Many immediately doubted and some even said it was a mistake when I tell I’m taking IGCSE O level 2 months while am still sitting in Year 9. But WHY NOT? Being a STEM-raised kid, I’ve been taught nothing is too tough to master until we give it a try. Inside me, I’m very determined that I wanted this so badly as this is the golden opportunity to fast track my admission to the Foundation Studies of Mechanical Engineering.


Nothing worth having comes easy. Further to my pursuit of IGCSE, I quickly put up a full 2-month intensive study plan with the help of my mom. Frankly, it was very challenging at first, but after weeks of adapting, I started to see the changes in me, I’m aggressive, I’m more disciplined and organised with my study schedule and I’ve picked up useful techniques, tips and tricks to learn faster and to tackle difficult tricky exam questions.


OMG! This was exactly my reaction when I opened up my IGSCE results, I got 4As and 1C, which frankly I did not expect because my initial idea was at least passing all subjects. Personally, I wish to congratulate myself on pulling through this with such above average results. Many thanks to my mom and tutor who have been by my side assisting and supporting me.

I hope my story inspires kids who struggle and for their moms and dads. Don’t be framed by how the society perceive us, we are the exceptional few with extraordinary thinking and creativity. Be fearless and take chances.

All in all, it has been nothing but a great and successful journey with The Little Makers.

I’m Christina, mother to Lyan Fung and Lyan Shen.

STEAM Education – The Little MakersTM has been nothing short of amazing. It has been the perfect fit for both my sons. The eldest has been with the centre for 8 years now and the youngest for 4 years. My boys love going to the classes, all the programs are not only aim to cultivate children in discovery, but strives in learning Science, Engineering and Technology immensely. I have seen how they have accumulated their skills and knowledge, into other creativity application in life.

Sending my boys to the centre is one of the very few parenting decisions that I’ve never had to second guess. I don’t know what more I could ask from the teachers. I would recommend this to anyone! Thank you so much to the teachers for imparting such valuable knowledge to my children.

Hi, i am Chee. I prefer to send my kids to The Little MakersTM because the teachers are caring, providing a fun environment to the kids to develop their creative thinking and skills. The kids enjoy learning science knowledge through games, experiments and fun hands-on activities.  Every week i look forward to send my kids to the centre because I see the improvement not only on what they learn but most importantly character changed in a positive way.

“Education cannot wait!”
“Ignited from the past, create the present, path the future”

I’m Yee, my son has been joining ‘STEAM Education – The Little MakersTM since 2016.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend this centre to all of you, this place is awesome and my son fell in love with the programmes. Not only the teachers are very knowledgeable and patient, the teachers are inspiring and guiding the children well, especially Teacher Camila and Teacher Wan Ling.

‘STEAM Education – The Little Makers’ has helped support and guide my son from lack of interest in learning to a boy that is so curious and playful in STEAM, my son is looking forward to join the weekly class with happiness and excitement, he won’t want to miss any class as every topic is very interesting and inviting.

I am hereby very thankful to the teachers in ‘STEAM Education – The Little MakersTM’, I hope the centre will continue to stay great and successful in the future. 😁

My son, Wen Junn started joining STEAM Education – The Little MakersTM’ class in 2020. He always enjoyed making things and experimenting at home. True enough, he enjoyed going to the classes every week. It’s the one class that he would not want to miss. He would come home explaining things he learned excitingly and sometimes even show us how to make them at home. Teacher Camila & Teacher Wan Ling are both very patient & wonderful people. They are especially passionate in working with the children and care for each of them acknowledging their unique character. We are truly happy we found STEAM Education – The Little MakersTM’.

My 7 years old son has been attending STEM lessons at at The Little MakersTM for more than a year now. I must say that more than lessons, activities are structured as immersive hands-on activities in which kids not only enjoy a lot, but also learn how things and nature work, develop a passion for science and creation and build confidence in themselves in terms of how they can positively intervene and change the world around them.

A paragraph apart for the teachers, who are very committed to what they do and lead children in that discovery process with new topics every month. Definitely a place I highly recommend to parents!

— Matías

Help our children to be curious, inspiring and playful.

— Marinie Jalaluddin

Develop Art Education in STEAM Curriculum and enhance design thinking skills in Malaysia Education System.

— Zayyan Habeeb

Teacher Camila are very thoughtful teachers who puts a lot of thought into how they present the material. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and they very patient with everyone in class always encouraging their children to try. I would highly recommend The Little MakersTM

to anyone who’s interested in learning STEAM.

— ShehLi Khoo

This place is awesome. It helps your kids to learn while play. Many theories are practice in practical way. You should let your kids experience it.

— Chee Siang Chua

Science concepts come to life through hands on experiments. Further than that, it’s into a Maker Mindset and I love the way the kids are trained to think and innovate. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths come alive.

— Julee Quah